Jellyfish Restaurant Owner Considering Apartments Instead

The owner of the Jellyfish restaurant in Centerport is considering whether to convert the space to apartments.

Attorney Thomas Abbate, representing owner Dean Phillipis of Centerport who also owns the Mill Pond House restaurant next door, said apartments would have far less impact on the property than a restaurant would.

Under consideration is a plan for 15 apartments, 10 of which would have views of Mill Pond, and a mix of one and two-bedroom units at the property at  441 East Main St. Abbate said apartments would provide exceed required parking by six spots.

The owner “feels this is going to be a far quieter use in terms of noise and in terms of traffic,” Abbate said. Apartments would have a far less impact environmentally and on the sewer district, he said.
The next step?
“The next step is to decide,” Abbate said. “Dean’s taking the most difficult path. We don’t know if we’re moving forward.  It’s going to take  along time and it’s going to be very interesting. It’s what makes the best sense for our client.”
The site is part of a series  of properties of running a third of a mile alongside East Main Street  from Centershore Road to Little Neck Road that are undergoing developmental changes. At the eastern end of the strip is a plan to build a 7-Eleven; set back from East Main Street, an office building next door to the Centerport Fire Department is being converted to a funeral home; the dilapidated  former Thatched Cottage is being rebuilt into Water’s Edge. 
Town Councilman Gene Cook has met with residents to discuss their concerns about what is happening in the community. “There seems to be a lot going on in Centerport,” he said, mentioning traffic resulting from the changes. After meeting with Jellyfish representatives, Cook said, “Although my eyebrow was raised, it may be the way to alleviate some of the parking issues.”
“This is important to the town board and to the residents,” he said. “The parking issues we really have to think very hard about to get this stuff to work so there’s not overcrowding.”

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