John’s Crazy Socks Leaves Melville for Farmingdale

John’s Crazy Socks has packed up and moved from it warehouse in Melville to a bigger space in Farmingale.

Run by Mark Cronin and his son, John, who has Down Syndrome, the company has blossomed from its start in 2016 into a large business with sales around the world. It has also created astute business connections, with elected leaders routinely dropping by the Melville warehouse or displaying the company’s themed socks at social gatherings or meetings.

President H.W. Bush, who had previously corresponded with the Cronins, wore a pair of their book-themed socks to the funeral of his wife, Barbara, in 2018.

Their products feature such themes as animal rescue, breast cancer awareness, and first responders, and areĀ  marketed for book lovers, patriotic themes, weddings, Mother’s Day and more.

“Quite frankly, we would have preferred to remain in the Town of Huntington, but we could not find space in Huntington,” Mark Cronin said. “There is a very tight market for warehouse space and not a lot of choices for a business our size.”

Over the years, the business has expanded to include a podcast, support to non-profit organizations and speaking engagements. The company employs numerous workers, many with Down syndrome, autism or other syndromes.

“We needed more warehouse space to support our entrance into the wholesale channel and the growth of both our B2B business and direct-to-consumer sales,” Mark Cronin said. “We are fortunate to be growing our business.

“We had other states reach out to us suggesting that we relocate, but that was not an option for us. We are committed to our colleagues and would not relocate on them. And we are a Long Island business, committed to this community.”

The company has relocated to 110 Bi-County Boulevard, Suite 120, Farmingdale.


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