Joining a Waitlist Means Waiting to Hear More About Vaccine

Wait. When is a waitlist not a waitlist? When it’s a communications list.

Dr. Matthew Harris, a Northwell pediatrician and emergency medicine specialist, said Tuesday that people who were put on a waitlist when they tried to schedule a Covid-19 vaccine weren’t reserving a place in line.They were signing up to be notified of the arrival of more vaccines. Once they’re notified of more availability, residents can then work to schedule a vaccination time.

“We will follow up by email to let them know when vaccine is available,” Harris, 39, said.

He can appreciate the desire of people of all ages to receive the vaccine, having become extremely ill with Covid-19 back in March. When he was hospitalized, he was 40 years younger than the next-youngest patient.

He also said that patients shouldn’t hesitate to take the vaccine because they’re worried about whether a second dose will be available. “The state of New York has assured agencies that they have ordered┬á an adequate supply for second doses. If they have received the first, there’s a second dose” that will be available to them.

Fast-moving developments, such as Tuesday’s sudden addition of new categories eligible for the vaccine, have kept the experts in adaption mode.

“There’s a saying we have, that ‘we’re building a plane while flying it’,” he said.





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