Northport Historical Society Celebrates Kerouac’s Birthday

The Northport Historical Society Tuesday celebrated the birthday of Beat Generation author Jack Kerouac, who lived in the community between 1958 and 1964.

Kerouac lived in houses on Earl Avenue, Gilbert Street and finally Judy Ann Court, the society said, and  developed close friendships with several local artists and poets. He was often seen frequenting Gunther’s Tap room on Main Street.

His novel, “On The Road” is a defining work of the postwar Beat and counterculture generations.

The Northport Public Library maintains a transcript of an interview that can be accessed from their archives.

He was born in Lowell, Mass., on March 12, 1922, and died in St. Petersburg, Fla, on Oct. 21, 1969. A generation of musicians and writers credited him with influencing their work.


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