LaLota Joins Military Veterans Caucus in House

Rep. Nick LaLota, R-Amityville, a veteran of the US Navy, has joined a bipartisan group of miltiary veterans in the House of Representatives.

“For centuries, Military Veterans have put our country first,” said LaLota, who represents Huntington. “Now in Congress, I am pledging to put our country before my party by joining Veterans in Congress who are interested in results more than rhetoric. I look forward to working with the incredible group of Veterans in the For Country Caucus to ensure we ensure America remains the greatest country the world has ever known.”

 “The For Country Caucus prides itself on bringing veterans together to advance policies that strengthen the fabric of our nation,” said Reps. Tony Gonzales of Texasand Jason Crow of Colorado, co-chairs of the For Country Caucus. “In the four years since its founding, the caucus has made important strides to improve the lives of our military members and their families, enhance services for our fellow veterans, and foster public service opportunities for the next generation of Americans. We welcome Rep. Lalota to the For Country Caucus and look forward to working with him to build on our accomplishments and support the American people.”

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