Last Day to Apply for Mooring Permits Ahead of Crackdown

Thursday is the last day for boaters using Huntington water to apply for a mooring permit and avoid a fine.

The Huntington Harbormaster’s Office will start enforcement of the mooring permit Friday after the Town Board approved the $40 fee by a 3-2 vote at its June 18 meeting.

Opponents said the fee was unnecessary; Maritime director Dom Spada said the fee was needed because of the increased use of the harbor and costs of maintaining the waters safely, as well as a database of boaters using Huntington facilities.

To apply for a permit, which applies to mooring areas controlled by the Town of Huntington but not village waters, download below or from the town website.

The website notes that state law gives incorporated villages–Asharoken, Northport, Huntington Bay and Lloyd Harbor– the right to regulate activities on surface waters within 1,500 feet of the village shoreline. Those planning to moor a boat within 1,500 feet of one of these village shorelines should check with the village clerk to determine the Village’s mooring policies. In cases where the village issues its own mooring permit, the town honors the village permit and no further permit is required.




Huntington Mooring Fee Enforcement to Start Aug. 16



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