Layoffs Planned for Disabilities Program

Catholic Guardian Services has notified the state Department of Labor of layoffs at its Melville office.

The Long Island Program for Persons with Developmental Disabilities will lose 99 staffers on or about June 30.

The organization has about 1,200 employees across six offices and 34 residential facilities serving thousands of people daily,

The affected workers are not represented by a union.

Under the state WARN  (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) act, private sector employers in New York State that employ more than 50 are required to issue a WARN notice 90 days before closing a plant.

They must also notify when there is a layoff that affects 33 percent of the workforce (at least 25 workers) or 250 workers from a single employment site. They must send the notice to employees, their representatives, the State Labor Department and local workforce investment partners.

The state law is tougher than the federal law of the same name, which requires 60 days ‘ notification.


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