Letter: Bellone Needs to Sign Redistricting Plans

Today is Martin Luther King Day and a perfect time to ask County Executive Bellone where he stands. He needs to sign the Redistricting bill that the legislature and many of us supported that creates more of an opportunity for diverse representation in our county. He should sign it today, on Martin Luther King Day as a matter of fact!!!
County Executive Bellone needs to stand with the NAACP and our allies and not forget – like Laura Curran did.
This is a National issue for the NAACP and central to the Voting Rights Act. The maps drawn during the redistricting cycle will determine the allocation of political power and representation at every level of government across the nation for at least the next ten years.
Edwards is Long Island Regional Director of the NAACP.
This was first posted on Facebook.

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  1. Stealing the vote by redistricting is only didvisive and Joe Biden is for it so it must be wrong. Why doesn’t the NAACP stand against Biden who is a known racist. Just ask Kamal Harris.

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