Letter: Choose Experience When Picking Leaders

By Tom Cleere

Dear Editor:

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that this past year has been incredibly hard. We are all recovering from the pandemic.  Yet, as Huntington Town residents, we’ve also been living with a dysfunctional town hall that doesn’t work effectively for any of us.

We don’t have time to elect people without experience.  Rather, we need people who can get to work right away and come up with solutions to the town’s problems. I believe those candidates are Jen Hebert and Joe Schramm.

Jen Hebert has nine years of experience as a former Huntington Board of Education trustee and president. She knows what it means to serve her community and come up with solutions to problems. She also runs a local nursery school and understands first-hand the kind of problems that our local businesses face.

Joe Schramm has been a small business owner, and managed multi-million dollar budgets for over 25 years. He built his career on helping his clients find and develop new sources of revenue and he can do the same for our town. Joe has a proven record for getting groups to unite and work together.

Joe Schramm and Jen Hebert have the kind of experience our town needs at town hall. I hope you’ll join me in voting for them in the primary on Tuesday, June 22.  Early voting starts Saturday, June 12 and runs through June 20.


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