Letter: Comments About Marchers Were Unacceptable


Dear Editor,

I saw a video that was posted from a Huntington business owner, disparaging the peaceful protest in the village yesterday. The loss of George Floyd was unacceptable and unforgivable, and all of us know this was wrong. The Huntington community has the right to want justice to be served. Those who participated in yesterday’s protest do have the right to assemble, in a peaceful manner.

It’s our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and assembly; while we all have a constitutional right to express ourselves and speak our minds, whether it be positive or negative, we need to remember that what we say can hurt others. We are fortunate to have the right to criticize, as our forefathers fought for our freedoms.

What was said yesterday, some will say was freedom of speech; I believe it’s inappropriate, unprofessional, and unacceptable. Not only does this reflect poorly on him as an individual, but also for his business, his family, and our Huntington Community.

I will continue my work with business owners, community leaders, and the police department, to build upon the positive relationships, between the police department and our Huntington Community, that they protect and serve. I am proud to represent the Huntington Community, both as an elected official, and as a business owner. We must all work together in order to improve our community and eradicate racism.  To do this we need to take a breath, listen to each other, while educating others and celebrating our differences.

Thank you,

Councilman Eugene Cook

Town of Huntington


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