Letter: Driver’s Kindness Goes a Long Way

On June 26 around 1 pm, I got lost trying to get into Main Street in Cold Spring Harbor.

I saw Cold Spring Harbor Road, made a left turn and saw a white truck with green detailing.( I believe it was a landscaping truck.) The man I asked for assistance saw I was panicking. He said  wait a minute, spoke to his wife, and they both came back and said she was going to lead me to the Blue Harbor Restaurant.  I said how lovely, and thanked them both.

Before leaving, he asked me what my name was and I told him Helen. He became emotional as he walked away, saying “Helen was my mother’s name.” I followed my guide,  who was driving a blue Audi sedan and it took about ten minutes to get into town.

If I could talk to Helen, I would tell her what a compassionate son she has, and that her daughter in law’s selfless gesture is so  deeply appreciated.

I am hoping someone will recognize the description above, or perhaps one on them will read my letter. I also want to note that I contacted the CSH library reference department, and received two emails advising me of local newspapers that I could contact to do to reach out as I am doing now.

Sometimes, it really does take a Village !!

Helen A Mack

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