Letter: Educating Children Promotes Change, Disrupts System of Bias

Dear Huntington School District Families:

It is with great sorrow that I write this letter in response to the tragic death of George Floyd. We live in a country that was built on the ideals of freedom and liberty for all citizens. It remains clear that there is still a great deal to be accomplished in this regard.

Our children deserve a world that sees each of them as worthy, valuable and capable of anything. We recognize that educating our children is one of the most impactful ways to promote change. We can do so only by speaking truth in love and by disrupting the systems and mindsets that would actively create hatred or passively allow bias.

Every child (and adult) needs to recognize that he/she has a voice. As we reflect on recent events, the conversations to follow and the manner in which they are conducted are critical toward helping our children toward that realization. It is the power of these discussions, and education in general, that can lift our society and develop generations of citizens capable of moving beyond historic divisions and shaping a nation true to the aforesaid ideals.

We must never lose our sense of hope and belief in the positive influence that we can have as a school district community … the hope that the examples we set in Huntington with respect to equity, inclusivity, acceptance and cultural proficiency can serve as models for others to emulate and allow all to stand together.

I’d like to remind our students and their families that our student support staff members and counselors, all of us for that matter, remain available to help in any way necessary. All contact information is available in distance learning plan documentation on the school district website. Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time for any reason.

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