Letter: Housing Coalition Supports Hochul Proposal

The Huntington Township Housing Coalition (HTHC) was founded in 1999 with a mission to encourage the development of affordable homes – both rented and owned – for low and moderate income families in the Town of Huntington.

As an organization with a decades-long history of fighting exclusionary zoning on Long Island, we proudly support the concepts and ideas of Governor Hochul’s New York Housing Compact Plan.

This proposal will set local housing targets, increase funding for infrastructure projects and create the much needed transit oriented development.

If put into law, this proposal will also require any municipality with a train station to locally rezone the area within a half-mile of the station to allow for the creation of new housing within the next 3 years. The legalization of multi family homes near railroad stations across the Town of Huntington will create substantial housing opportunities for various groups such as recent college graduates, seniors with fixed incomes, people of color, those in the disability community, working families, and so much more.

For decades, New York has had some of the most anti-housing zoning practices in the country, with Long Island considered by many experts to be the most exclusionary region in the nation when it comes to housing. Today, up to hundreds of thousands of people on Long Island and throughout the state are facing eviction and foreclosure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this massive need for housing, the price of homes in New York has only continued to skyrocket since 2020. This plan takes the necessary steps towards ending this crisis.

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