Letter: Time to Focus on Cuomo for LIPA Issues

Dear Editor,

Recent accounts of LIPA’s investigation into the response to Tropical Storm Isaias amount to little more than LIPA’s trustees pointing fingers at a scapegoat, PSEG, the vendor they selected to serve LI’s ratepayers.

 While we can all agree that PSEG did an atrocious job responding to Isaias, why isn’t LIPA looking more closely at its own oversight mechanism?   Or more to the point, why isn’t LIPA looking to the Governor, who seemingly had been more focused on the push to renewable energy sources and aggressive tax certioriari cases on legacy power plants than on providing basic, reliable electricity to his constituents? 

A fish rots from the head first.  Cuomo’s most recent Trustee appointment, Laureen Harris, was not known for her depth of energy policy knowledge – rather, she is a noted tax certiorari expert and she was brought in to sign a death warrant for my community, which hosts one of those power plants.  It’s time fingers started getting pointed in the right direction.


Paul Darrigo

Darrigo is a founder of Concerned Taxpayers Against LIPA

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