Letter: Vote for Kids on Election Day

When you cast your vote this Election Day, vote for our children. Children can’t vote but we can and we must be their voice.
When you vote, please consider that gun violence is the number one killer of our children. Consider voting for candidates that support measures that would help erase that horrifying statistic such as universal background checks, limits on the sales of assault weapons and safe storage laws.
Vote for the one in five children in New York State who lives in poverty and consider supporting  legislators that would commit to not cutting funding to the vital health and nutritional services these children rely on.
Vote for our LGBTQ children and for legislators that will support them and lift them up rather than ostracize and isolate these vulnerable children.
Vote for teens who need access to reproductive healthcare and counseling and who should not be forced to carry pregnancies that could endanger their health and well being  and negatively impact their futures.
Vote to support children whose voices need to be heard and who need to hear  their  stories and experiences  told in the books they read.
Vote for legislators who will stand with science and help combat misinformation rather than politicizing public health and placing children at risk .
This Election Day Vote Kids. Vote for their safety, for their health and well-being and for their future. I care for kids and I vote.
Member, Executive Council
NY Chapter 2 American Academy of Pediatrics


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