Local Cardiothoracic Surgeon Recognized by State

Lloyd Harbor resident Dr. Harold Fernandez, MD, was recently recognized as one of New York State’s top-performing cardiothoracic surgeons, according to a recently released state Department of Health report.

He was one of two Southside Hospital’s Heart & Lung surgeons who were recognized.

Dr. Robert Kalimi, Southside’s chair of cardiothoracic surgery, and Dr. Fernandez, the hospital’s director of cardiothoracic surgery who joined Southside in 2015, were two of nine cardiac surgeons statewide whose outcomes were significantly better than the statewide average.

In addition to outcomes of individual surgeons, the DOH analyzed 62,744 total adult cardiac surgeries performed at 38 hospitals performing open-heart surgeries from 2014-16. Southside performed 1,184 cardiac surgeries during the three-year reporting period, achieving the best risk-adjusted outcomes of any cardiothoracic program in Suffolk County.

“Southside Hospital has worked tirelessly to bring top-notch heart and cardiothoracic care to Suffolk County residents since the program’s inception in 2011,” said Donna Moravick, NP, executive director of Southside, a member of Northwell Health. “I want to congratulate these two fine surgeons as well as the entire multidisciplinary team, including our nurses, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and technicians who help us achieve these high-quality results for our patients.”

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