Local College Students Named to Deans’ Lists

Jamal Rashid of Huntington Station, a Doctor of Pharmacy student, has been named to the fall Dean’s List at the University of the Sciences.

Selection for this award is based on completing and passing all assigned courses with no grade below a “C” and attaining an academic average of at least 3.4 for courses taken in the fall of 2018.

Since its founding in 1821 as Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, the first college of pharmacy in North America, USciences has grown to more than 30 degree-granting programs from bachelor’s through doctoral degrees in the health sciences, bench sciences, and healthcare business and policy fields.

Discover how USciences students are proven everywhere they go at usciences.edu.

Le Moyne College

Gabriella Santoro, a senior psychology major from Huntington, has been named to the Le Moyne College Dean‘s List for the Fall 2018 semester. To make the list, students must achieve a GPA of 3.5 or above.

Located in Syracuse,  Le Moyne College is one of only 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States.

Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University announced the following students who qualified for Fall 2018 Dean‘s list and to congratulate them for their outstanding academic achievements.

Hunter Eichner of Huntington Station

Dylan McNally of Huntington Station

Michael Paglino of Commack

Elizabeth Van Loon of Commack

Michael Wing of Northport

As one of the nation’s leading Catholic universities, Seton Hall has been showing the world what great minds can do since 1856. Home to nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students and offering more than 80 rigorous majors, Seton Hall’s academic excellence has been singled out for distinction by The Princeton Review, US News & World Report and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Bryant University

Bryant University has announced that the following students have been named to the fall 2018 Deans‘ List.

Andres Gomez of Melville

Kelly Jacobsen of Northport

Kodinakachukwu Ojukwu of Dix Hills

Jake Wiener of Commack

For 156 years, Bryant University has been at the forefront of delivering an exceptional education that anticipates the future and prepares students to be innovative leaders of character in a changing world. Bryant delivers an innovative and uniquely integrated business and liberal arts education that inspires students to excel.

Loyola University

Erin Connolly, a member of the class of 2021 from Northport, has been named to the fall 2018 Dean’s List at Loyola University Maryland.

In order to qualify for the Dean’s List at Loyola, a student must achieve a minimum QPA of at least 3.500 for the term, provided that, in the term they have successfully completed courses totaling a minimum of 15 credits.

Rochester Institute of Technology

ROCHESTER, NY (02/14/2019)– The following local residents made the Dean‘s List at Rochester Institute of Technology for the 2018 Fall Semester:

Thomas Foley of Huntington  who is in the applied mathematics program.

Samantha Lauro of Commack who is in the chemistry program.

Kaitlin Levine of Commack, who is in the ASL-English interpretation program.

Laura Santoro of Huntington, who is in the university exploration program.

Lauren Sabatino of Dix Hills, who is in the ASL-English interpretation program.

Tim Canavan of Huntingtn Station who is in the film and animation program.

Molly Warren of Huntington, who is in the industrial design program.

Victoria Gaeth of Northport, who is in the biotechnology and molecular bioscience program.

Isabella Rae Daquita of Commack , who is in the mechanical engineering program.

Brendan McGlynn of Northport, who is in the computing security program.

Larissa Dale of Melville, who is in the medical illustration program.

Connor Levine of Commack, who is in the electrical mechanical engineering technology program.

Lizzy Carr of Northport, who is in the museum studies program.

Isaac Oumzil of Huntington, who is in the industrial design program.

Dan Giaime of Melville, who is in the game design and development program.

Ari Glick of Commack who is in the film and animation program.

Luke Scharkopf of Huntington who is in the engineering exploration program.

Marcus Chung of Commack  who is in the software engineering program.

Aidan Fanning of Commack, who is in the criminal justice program.

Liam Fanning of Commack  who is in the criminal justice program.

Jacob Pincus of Dix Hills  who is in the mechanical engineering technology program.

Tyler Evans of Halesite who is in the packaging science program.

Amanda Weiss of Commack who is in the biotechnology and molecular bioscience program.

Degree-seeking undergraduate students are eligible for Dean‘s List if their term GPA is greater than or equal to 3.400; they do not have any grades of “Incomplete”, “D” or “F”; and they have registered for, and completed, at least 12 credit hours.

Tallahassee Community College

Rachel Levy of Melville was among nearly 1,500 students named to the Dean‘s List. To qualify, students must earn a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Tallahassee Community College is consistently ranked as one of the top community colleges in the nation. Every semester, thousands of students choose TCC as the next step in their education journey. Offering an Associate in Arts degree for transfer to a state university in multiple tracks, as well as over 70 different degree and certificate programs that encompass a variety of fields, TCC has a wide range of educational pathways for students from all walks of life

Bates College

The following students have been named to the dean‘s list at Bates College for the fall semester. This is a distinction earned by students whose cumulative grade point average is 3.77 or higher.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the cumulative grade point average for dean‘s list was 3.71.

Alexander Hall of Northport, a 2016 graduate of Long Island Lutheran Middle-High School. Hall, the son ofDwight A. Hall and Dr. Carla Natalucci-Hall of Northport, is a junior at Bates. He is a junior at Bates majoring in politics and minoring in history.

Jack Valentino of Huntington,  a 2018 graduate of Chaminade High School. Valentino, the son of  Carl and Jennifer Valentino of Huntington, is a first year at Bates.

Located in Lewiston, Maine, Bates is internationally recognized as a leading college of the liberal arts, attracting 2,000 students from across the U.S. and around the world. Since 1855, Bates has been dedicated to educating the whole person through creative and rigorous scholarship in a collaborative residential community.

Hofstra University

Hofstra University named the following students to the Fall 2018 Dean‘s List for their outstanding academic achievement. Students must earn a grade point average of at least 3.5 during the semester to make the Dean‘s List.

Lianna De Chiaro of Huntington, NY

Bailey Dillworth of Northport, NY

Julia Drum of Huntington Station, NY

Joseph Elarde of Commack, NY

Gerard Espinoza of Northport, NY

Olivia Espinoza of Northport, NY

Helen Faranda of Melville, NY

Bruce Fednard of Dix Hills, NY

Natalie Flores of Huntington, NY

Alexa Follo of Huntington Station, NY

Tahra Friedman of Dix Hills, NY

Courtney Gallagher of Commack, NY

Angie Garrido Mendoza of Huntington Station, NY

Victoria Gaylor of Northport, NY

Alexandra Genovese of Dix Hills, NY

Daniel Gerardi of Deer Park, NY

Athina Giouvalakis of Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Courtney Grieco of Dix Hills, NY

Cristal Grottola of Commack, NY

Christopher Hatzichristos of Commack, NY

Diana Hess of Huntingtn Sta, NY

John Hovestadt of Huntington Station, NY

Lailamah Iqbal of Dix Hills, NY

Justin Kappel of Deer Park, NY

Ayda Khan of Huntington, NY

Elaha Khwaja of Dix Hills, NY

Amanda Leonard of Dix Hills, NY

Owen Lynn of Northport, NY

Allyson Mann of Commack, NY

Noah Marcus of Dix Hills, NY

Maria Margaritis of Commack, NY

Sophia Margaritis of Commack, NY

Brittany McGowan of Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Ian Mealie of Fort Salonga, NY

Parker Moeller of Northport, NY

Anali Nanavati of Huntington Station, NY

James Napolitano of Deer Park, NY

Victoria Natale of Melville, NY

John O’Brien of Huntington, NY

Christina O’Toole of Deer Park, NY

Josephine Park of Commack, NY

Jason Pastuch of Commack, NY

Haley Pereyo of Commack, NY

Christianna Ramnarine of Huntington Station, NY

Allison Reddy of Melville, NY

Alexandre Rotondo-Medina of Dix Hills, NY

Dylan Ryder of Dix Hills, NY

Alishbah Saddiqui of Deer Park, NY

Rebecca Saint Paul of Huntington, NY

Valerie Salvemini of Northport, NY

Allison Schuler of Melville, NY

Nikita Shah of Dix Hills, NY

Samantha Smith of Dix Hills, NY

Loredana Spena of Commack, NY

Jacob Steier of Melville, NY

Danielle Tana of Commack, NY

Annmarie Thomas of Northport, NY

Jenna Traina of Huntington, NY

Aman Umer of Dix Hills, NY

Rebecca Van Essendelft of Commack, NY

Aaron Walsdorf of Huntington, NY

Alex Wasserman of Melville, NY

Jonathan Ackerman of Northport, NY

Danielle Barbarito of Melville, NY

Shannon Boyle of Huntington, NY

Jared Brown of Melville, NY

Russell Burghard of Melville, NY

Alyssa Burke of Northport, NY

Raquel Cacace of Commack, NY

Anthony Calos of Melville, NY

Melanie Cassino of Dix Hills, NY

Christopher Chang of Huntington, NY

Melanie Clark of Commack, NY

Hofstra University is a nationally ranked and recognized private university in Hempstead, N.Y. that is the only school to ever host three consecutive presidential debates (2008, 2012 and 2016).

University of Kentucky 

Alyssa Rosenzweig of Dix Hills was named to the Fall 2018 Dean‘s List. Alyssa is a current sophomore majoring in Political Science. This accomplishment is a sign of Alyssa’s hard work and commitment to learning.

The University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce that 1,751 undergraduates qualified for the Fall 2018 College of Arts and Sciences Dean‘s List. Undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences represent all Kentucky counties, 46 states and 26 countries.

To be included on the Dean‘s List, students must have completed 12 or more credits during a semester for letter grades with at least a 3.60 GPA.

Tufts University

Tufts University recently announced the dean‘s list for the Fall 2018 semester. Among students earning dean‘s list honors are:

Matthew Boccardo of Huntington

Cassandra Cancemi of Northport

Jensen Corabi of Dix Hills

Julia Hedrick of Commack

Jane Nasta of Northport

Dean‘s list honors at Tufts University require a semester grade point average of 3.4 or greater.

SUNY Geneseo

The State University of New York at Geneseo has announced its Dean‘s List for the Fall 2018 semester. To be on the list, a student must have achieved at least a 3.5-grade point average while taking a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Students on the Dean‘s List from your area include:

Sheila Barabino of Northport (11768)

Laura Borden of Northport (11768)

Kathleen Cook of Northport (11768)

Claire Corbeaux of Northport (11768)

Robert Dosch of Northport (11768)

Jennie Dworkin of Northport (11768)

James Gibb of Northport (11768)

Brooke Hershenhorn of Northport (11768)

Sarah Loprieno of Northport (11768)

Erin MacDougall of Northport (11768)

Owen McNally of Northport (11768)

Matthew Modelewski of Northport (11768)

Katherine Mullady of Fort Salonga (11768)

Chelsea Pardes of Northport (11768)

Tess Robinson of Northport (11768)

Emily Walsh of Northport (11768)

Sarina Singh of Melville (11747)

Melissa Triolo of Melville (11747)

Jessica Bansbach of Huntington Station (11746)

Sonia Bartolomeo of Huntington Station (11746)

Emma Celt of Dix Hills (11746)

Carter Hallock of Dix Hills (11746)

Catherine Kilada of Dix Hills (11746)

Rebecca Kirchberger of Dix Hills (11746)

Nicole Spencer of Dix Hills (11746)

Samantha Bautista of Huntington (11743)

Camille Cozine of Huntington (11743)

Tim Greschner of Huntington (11743)

Brendan Hines of Huntington (11743)

Alexander Kaplan of Huntington (11743)

Jack Kitzen of Huntington (11743)

Margaret Pigliacelli of Huntington (11743)

Matthew Rosenberg of Huntington (11743)

Timothy Snyder of Huntington (11743)

Paul Bucki of Commack (11725)

Arianna Falletta of Commack (11725)

Ellie Gregory of Commack (11725)

Elyse Milla of Commack (11725)

Erin Nolan of Commack (11725)

Skyeler Pickle of Commack (11725)

SUNY Geneseo is a premier public liberal arts college dedicated to developing socially responsible citizens with skills and values for a productive life.

University of Hartford

The University of Hartford is pleased to announce the following students have been named to the Dean‘s List for Fall 2018.

Rachel Abrams of Commack (11725)

Morgan Zweibel of Commack (11725)

Makaila English of Dix Hills (11746)

Tashana McLean of Dix Hills (11746)

Joseph Tesoriero of Dix Hills (11746)

Lawrence DeNoto of Huntington (11743)

Anna Waiter of Huntington (11743)

Amanda Anderson of Huntington Station (11746)

Kaitlin Murphy of Huntington Station (11746)

Daniel Miele of Melville (11747)

Jillian Farrell of Northport (11768)

Spread across seven dynamic schools and colleges, the University of Hartford has been guiding the purpose and passion of students for over six decades. On our 350-acre campus alongside Connecticut’s capital city, approximately 5,000 undergraduate and 1,800 graduate students from 48 states and 46 countries come together for a common purpose: to collaborate across different disciplines, diversify perspectives, and broaden worldviews.

Miami University

Miami University students who are ranked in the top twenty percent of undergraduate students within each division for first semester 2018-19 have been named to the dean‘s list recognizing academic excellence.

Daphne Benson-DuMaurier of Huntington (11743)

Haley Miller of Northport (11768)

Nationally recognized as one of the most outstanding undergraduate institutions, Miami University is a public university located in Oxford, Ohio.

SUNY New Paltz

SUNY New Paltz announces its Dean‘s List for the fall 2018 semester. The Dean‘s List honors students who excel academically and earn at least a 3.3 grade-point average with a full-time course load.

The following students earned Dean‘s List recognition during the fall ’18 semester:

Rory Apollonia of Huntington Station (11746)

Nikolette Bellocchio of Huntington (11743)

Julia Bellontine of Huntington (11743)

Madison Brine of Northport (11768)

Thomas Brookbank of Commack (11725)

Thomas Clemens of Northport (11768)

Kyle Dayton of Halesite (11743)

Genevieve DeMarco of Huntington Station (11746)

Marc Depasquale of Huntington Station (11746)

Taylor Dinardo of Dix Hills (11746)

Peter Donohue of Commack (11725)

Emily Fox of Commack (11725)

Maggie Fox of Northport (11768)

Emma Franznick of Huntington (11743)

Zachary Friedman of Northport (11768)

Sabrina Galasso of Northport (11768)

Nancy Glascock of Huntington (11743)

Summer Glodstein of Huntington (11743)

Nicole Gluckman of Dix Hills (11746)

Amanda Greenfield of Melville (11747)

Anthony Hamilton of Huntington (11743)

Katelin Hanke of Huntington Station (11746)

Lauren Koplitz of Melville (11747)

Christopher Kutschera of Commack (11725)

Ethan Lee of Northport (11768)

Alizander Lizaso of Huntington Station (11746)

James Magnuson of Northport (11768)

Christina Melillo of Northport (11768)

Julianne Merz of Commack (11725)

Shealyn Naughton of Huntington Station (11746)

Kerri Neville of Commack (11725)

Sophia Onufrik of Northport (11768)

Michael Orlando of Huntington (11743)

Julia Panebianco of Northport (11768)

Julia Parisi of Commack (11725)

Puja Patel of Deer Park (11729)

Dayna Peters of Northport (11768)

Chris Piazza of Huntington (11743)

Kristina Pray of Huntington Station (11746)

Grace Ringen of Northport (11768)

Nicolas Sanin of Huntington Station (11746)

Carley Santamaria of Northport (11768)

Jamie Schuette of Commack (11725)

Molly Seiden of Huntington Station (11746)

Annamarie Sparacino of Commack (11725)

Lauren Szabo of Northport (11768)

Alex Tacopina of Huntington (11743)

Adam Trimboli of Huntington (11743)

Douglas Verity of Commack (11725)

Victoria Vidulich of Northport (11768)

Kyle Voigt of Huntington Station (11746)

Jenna Wallace of Dix Hills (11746)

Sarah Wallin of Huntington (11743)

Elee Wolf-Sonkin of Melville (11747)

Clemson University

They are:

Christopher James Gabriele of Cold Spring Harbor, who is majoring in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Jessica Lynn Danielo of Dix Hills, who is majoring in Animal and Veterinary Science

Madison Elizabeth Callinan of Huntington, who is majoring in Pre-Business

Nolan M. Schmitz of Huntington, who is majoring in Financial Management

Thomas J. Hustedt of Huntington Station, who is majoring in Mechanical Engineering

Matthew Mark Williams of Melville, who is majoring in Special Education

To be named to the Dean‘s List, a student achieved a grade-point average between 3.50 and 3.99 on a 4.0 scale.

Purchase College

Purchase College announced that more than 1,200 students were named to the Dean‘s List for the fall 2018 semester. Students who have earned this academic honor have maintained a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher and taken a minimum of 12 credits.

Michael Colon of Huntington (11743) is studying Undeclared .

Quinn Cortese of Huntington Station (11746) is studying Cinema Studies .

Max Eidinoff of Huntington Station (11746) is studying Music: Composition .

Katelyn Farley of Northport (11768) is studying Graphic Design .

Grace Gedeon of Huntington (11743) is studying Journalism Visual Arts.

Margaret Giles of Huntington Station (11746) is studying New Media .

Christopher Jung of Dix Hills (11746) is studying Music:Performance Instrumental .

Sadie Kalinowska-Werter of Lloyd Harbor (11743) is studying Theatre and Performance .

Katherine Lopez of Dix Hills (11746) is studying Psychology .

Shannon Ma of Dix Hills (11746) is studying Liberal Studies Psychology.

Nicco Mazziotto of Melville (11747) is studying Music:Performance Instrumental .

Arianna Pappas of Dix Hills (11746) is studying Undeclared .

Victoria Vasta of Huntington Station (11746) is studying Undeclared .

Marissa Vazquez of Dix Hills (11746) is studying Visual Arts .

Jack Zuckerberg of Melville (11747) is studying Arts Management, Economics .

Purchase College, part of the State University of New York (SUNY) network of 64 universities and colleges, was founded in 1967 by Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

James Madison University

James Madison University is pleased to announce the following students made the dean‘s list for the fall 2018 session.

Students who earn dean‘s list honors must be considered by the registrar to be carrying a full time course load of graded credit hours and earn a GPA of between 3.5 and 3.899.

Alexander Borman of Huntington, NY

Christina Cosentino of Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Julia D’Andrea of Northport, NY

Jillian Hammond of Huntington, NY

Ashley Harris of Dix Hills, NY

Deanna Ibanez of Commack, NY

Olivia Mangan of Northport, NY

Jenna Maresco of Commack, NY

Ryan Nigro of Commack, NY

Lauren Pollock of Northport, NY

Kaitlin Valenti of Huntington, NY


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