Local Residents Join New Paltz Teams, Vermont TREK

Residents from the Town of Huntington join SUNY New Paltz team rosters as the 2018 college sports season commences.

SUNY New Paltz Woman’s Field Hockey

The SUNY New Paltz women’s field hockey team brought in 16 newcomers along with its 9 returning members for the 2018 season. Among those on the team are local residents:

Emily Silvino of Melville

Maggie Fox of Northport

SUNY New Paltz Men’s Soccer Team

Joining the men’s soccer team for the 2018 season at SUNY New Paltz will be Marc Depasquale of Huntington Station.

SUNY New Paltz Woman’s Volleyball Team  

Joining the woman’s volleyball team for the 2018 season at SUNY New Paltz will be Kerri Neville of Commack.

University of Vermont TREK Program 

Over 250 first-year students at the University of Vermont began their UVM experience as part of the TREK, a  program which offers first year students the opportunity to explore the region’s wilderness and work on community service projects.

Among the first year students participating in the program is Joe Hammond of Cold Spring Harbor. Hammond  participated in the rock climbing program which provides students with the basics of rock climbing safety and techniques throughout Vermont and the Adirondacks.


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