Lupinacci Vehicle Struck Utility Pole

Huntington Supervisor Chad Lupinacci was involved in an accident with his town-issued car last week in West Hills.

No serious injuries were reported in the accident, which occurred Aug. 8, and the town’s General Services department towed the car away for repair.

In response to questions, the town said that Lupinacci was driving a 2018 Chevy Tahoe when he skidded on wet pavement on a curve and he struck a utility pole. It said that Lupinacci, whose home is nearby, was in shock and walked away from the accident, because he couldn’t find his cellphone and intended to ask a neighbor to call police. But he encountered a passing motorist and he asked them to call.

The Suffolk County Police public information office initially said Monday that Lupinacci’s name was nowhere in its system, but Tuesday said it had a report that showed Lupinacci was southbound on West Hills Road, slid on wet pavement and struck the pole 50 feet north of Chichester Road. Police said the accident was reported at 12:45 a.m.

Suffolk police said they issued no citations.

The town said the vehicle was damaged on the front driver’s side, and the vehicle is being repaired.

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  1. Curious why police took no blood alcohol level and no Field Sobriety Test was administered . DA Tim Sini needs to needs to investigate this case! And why was Turkeyman/No Pay My Taxes towing Sorrentino towing away the car? Very fishy. Good thing the Smyth-Lupinacci-Sorrentino hold on Huntington Hall is almost over! VOTE : STOP LIPA LINE.

    1. Do tell – where is your information that no Sobriety Test was administered? Obviously not from this article. And if there are no signs of intoxication sobriety tests wouldn’t be conducted. And no the mere fact that he is a politician does not require that he is treated differently.

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