Man Arrested in Confrontation With Armed Trump Caravan Driver

A Northport man was arrested Sunday in a confrontation with another man driving in the Trump caravan to Huntington.

Northport police said the man in the caravan pulled a legally registered gun  after Tyler Cancro, 42, first struck his vehicle’s mirror with his hand, and then, after the driver left his vehicle to check for damage, approached the driver, waving  a trailer hitch in a threatening manner.

Police said the driver said he pulled out his gun and ordered Cancro to drop the hitch.  The driver had a “reasonable fear of a serious physical injury,” police said

Northport police arrested Cancro, and charged him with third-degree criminal tampering, second-degree menacing and disorderly conduct and was scheduled for arraignment in Northport Village Court,

Police said the confrontation occurred  on Woodbine Avenue near Beach Avenue, about 2 p.m.

Cancro had a different account, saying that the confrontation began when the driver tried to hit him with his pickup truck and he raised his hand to keep the mirror from hitting him in the face. He  said that he went for the trailer hitch after the man pulled his gun and pursued him before putting the gun to his neck while he was being restrained by another Trump supporter.

The caravan began in East Northport, went through Northport and then into downtown Huntington Sunday afternoon.

Photos of confrontation taken by friends of the arrested man.

Trump Caravan Steams Through Northport, Huntington


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