Man Indicted in Fatal Stabbing on Oakwood Road

The Huntington Station resident accused of stabbing another man to death and wounding the victim’s wife has been indicted, Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney said Wednesday.

Candelario Cordova, 53, of Huntington Station, is charged in the death of Roque Cisneros, 58, on Feb. 16. Investigators said the two, who were reported to be longtime friends, were iparked n Cordova’s SUV in front of the victim’s home. The victim’s wife, Vilma Campos, saw Cordova try to get Cisneros out of the vehicle before he drove off. She followed them in another car and saw the vehicle stopped in front of a home on nearby Oakwood Road. Investigators say she saw Cordova get out of the vehicle, go to his trunk and pull out a long knife, and then begin stabbing her husband. When Campos tried to intervene, she was slashed.

Passing motorists stopped and intervened, and subdued Cordova until Suffolk police arrived. Cisneros died at the scene.

“The victim’s wife watched in horror as the defendant allegedly murdered her husband, and then when she tried to intervene, the defendant turned the knife on her,” said District Attorney Tierney. “Such violence will not be tolerated in Suffolk County.”

The knife used during the attack was recovered at the scene. His wife was treated at Huntington Hospital for her wounds.

On Wednesday, Cordova was arraigned on the indictment by Supreme Court Justice John B. Collins, on the charges of Murder in the Second Degree, a Class A felony, Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, a Class B violent felony, Assault in the First Degree, a Class B violent felony, and Assault in the Second Degree, a Class D violent felony. Collins remanded Cordova, and the case was adjourned to April 26.

Update: Man Charged in Fatal Stabbing on Oakwood Road

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