Mask Policy Foes Disrupt Northport School Board Meeting

Updated 11:15 p.m.: The Northport school board temporarily stopped its meeting Thursday night as members of the audience shouted at the trustees about plans to require masks when classes resume in the fall.

The shouting could be heard over Zoom, about 40 minutes after the meeting’s start. Most of the shouts were  initially unintelligible as Superintendent Robert Banzer outlined district plans, and noted that the district was in line with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and statements from Gov. Kathy Hochul that masks would be required in schools.

As Banzer and the trustees tried to continue going over plans, the shouting grew louder, with one man shouting “Bullshit, Banzer. You’re a bunch of cowards.” The members of the board repeatedly reminded the members of the crowd that they would be able to speak at a designated time in the meeting, with one trustee saying, “Please restrain yourself.”

One trustee could be heard reminding the crowd that there students listening to the meeting, and while could be heard to say, “Why don’t you behave like adults?” to someone shouting in the crowd.

When the board meeting resumed, the shouting began again, with a warning from the board that it might summon security if it continued.  When a trustee cited Hochul’s decision, a man in the crowd shouted “Cowards” and another insisted the board didn’t have to follow the governor’s statement.

“We’re not where we want to be but not where we were a year ago,” Banzer said.

The board discussed writing to the governor to change rules if the  epidemic declines.

At the public session, the first speaker read a letter from his son, who is going into the fourth grade, that complained that mask wearing was annoying. His father concurred, then saying,  “The mask situation is ridiculous right now. I back him up 100 percent. These masks in school affect them socially, they can’t see each other’s faces; it’s destroying them. It’s ruining this generation.”

A woman suggested that people who opposed masks and vaccinations shouldn’t seek treatment if they got Covid-19 while others complained about what social distancing would mean for their children or challenged the efficacy of masks in preventing the spread of the virus.

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  1. Why are you quoting a 4th graders letter? Are we supposed to take health advice from a child? Oh, he says Corona is so much better now. Thanks Dr 4th grade. The parents should have a talk with the child and explain that he is in fact not going to die from a mask. Instead they encourage this and get excited that little Johnny’s letter appears in a dumpy online rag.
    Way to go.

    1. Omg u are despicable. You don’t know me or my son and if u had any courage u would have stood up there and spoke urself. To speak in the manner you are about a child withva developmental disability speaks VOLUMES about u.

    2. What’s wrong with you, picking on a child with a developmental disability? Have you no compassion? Are you aware that the science dictates that children under the age of 16 do not get “corona” because they do not make enough Ace Receptors in there bodies to bind with the spike sars cov2 protein to make them sick? Obviously not or you would understand why masks and quarantine are not necessary. It’s the science that is speaking. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size. Does it make you feel good to pick on a child with a disability? Nice lesson you’re teaching your kids.

      1. Hi, I was at this meeting and the parents, the ones who did show up…and there were NOT enough, were angry. I had one comment and it was this: TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF THESE COMMUNIST SCHOOLS NOW. What parents are not understanding is that this slow stepping of gov’t over reach is going to lead to very very serious consequences. We need ALL PARENTS to get involved now, it is imperative. The next thing that is coming, and I plan to ask this question on the 9th (next meeting, all come) What are you planning to do with the now two empty elementary schools? We also have the empty Northport Middle School. Here is my theory, as we see in California: The children will be tested, and if they come up positive, they WILL be REMOVED from their schools and placed in “Shielding Sites”, other buildings in the area, where they will be quarantined, against their will and their parents will. If you comply with this insanity, you will take us all down with you. If you don’t know what is coming, then you are a blind little sleepy sheep. STOP masking these kids, you are complicit in crimes against humanity by doing so. The deaths from vaccines are rising around the globe. Covid is not the problem, never was. Your health and the maintenance of it, and these draconian Lock Downs, mask mandates and now vaccine maniacs, are the real problem. I fear society is heading into a very early grave because of complicity and compliance. Where did the “back bone” of America go? Please find it. Thanks, concerned citizen who is fighting for the sake of the children. Please go to the next meeting. Please and stand up for the kids. They do not want to wear masks.

  2. Thank you for this coverage and for including my son’s letter. Can you please contact me. I’d like for you to interview my son and me if possible.

  3. Banzer is an idiot but these anti mask anti vaxx crazies are making him look great! No one cares about some 4th grader saying masks are annoying. Bet ya getting covid and having trouble breathing is worse than wearing a mask. You would think that these snowflakes are liberals at the rate they cry.

  4. More children than ever are getting sick and dying of Covid. It’s unbelievable that parents aren’t doing everything they can to make sure their children never have to suffer this way. There is no hope for humanity with these anti maskers spewing all this ignorance.

    1. Are you aware that the science dictates that children under the age of 16 do not get COVID because they do not make enough Ace Receptors in there bodies to bind with the spike sars cov2 protein to make them sick? Obviously not or you would understand why masks and quarantine are not necessary. It’s the science that is speaking. Study up pal.

      1. Please send me the scientific evidence behind this and I’ll send you 5 kids on my block under 16 that have it to come stay with you.

        Your ignorance supersedes your stupidity.

  5. There are rules in place for people who cannot wear masks… Northport needs to look it up otherwise they are open to being sued for discrimination. The 4th grader has every right to feel how they do. More people need to be like them

    1. The 4th grader is a child that is sadly being egged on by his incompetent parents for fame (see above). There’s no discrimination saying because it’s annoying to wear a mask that you are being discriminated against. Suck it up or go to another town.

      1. If you know anything about kids isnrhat you cannot make them write anything they don’t want to. These parents looked exhausted and drained. Next time come in person and see for yourself the parents speaking for their children who cannot. You have no idea what it’s like. And if u consider this article “fame” then your grossly mistaken. The child was the first speaker, 2 minutes up there to make his point. No one ever comments about other children who have went up there to speak but because it’s against your view, it’s the parents fault. Exactly whats wrong with this country. And have u seen how many people have pulled their kids out of this school district because of this incompetence?

  6. Y’all in here complaining about wearing a mask when we have our military proudly serving our country dying overseas. Grow up and put your energy towards more productive things.

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