Meltzer-Krief Challenges Bontempi in 18th District

Dr. Eve Meltzer-Krief, a Democrat, officially announced her candidacy Friday for the Suffolk County Legislature, challenging the first-term incumbent, Stephanie Bontempi.

Krief posted several days ago on Facebook that she was a legislative candidate, and earlier this week, a Huntington Republican leader called her candidacy “the worst-kept secret” in town. She steps into the campaign, replacing Stu Besen, who was originally the designated candidate for the district.

The pediatrician is a member of the Harborfields school board and active in several issues, including children’s health, immigration, school meals, vaping and other topics.

In her campaign statement, she said, ““As a mom, pediatrician, and school board
member, I see the struggles our children and families face every day. I believe we need a new voice in the Legislature to bring a different perspective and vision to the body. Currently there is no physician in the Legislature, and I would be an effective advocate to bring needed change to our communities. We must secure
funding for clean water infrastructure to keep our drinking water safe and our bays and waterways clean. We must address the mental health crisis impacting so many of our children.

“We must fight for more affordability, because no family should be choosing between food on their table or heat in their home. So many of the decisions made by elected officials impact the health and well-being of our communities. I want to be a voice in the room for children and families when those decisions are made.”


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8 Replies to “Meltzer-Krief Challenges Bontempi in 18th District”

  1. With fingers crossed she doesn’t come close to winning she is pushed the Covid vax for children. Where did she stand when religious exemptions were removed 2019 for children?

    1. Dr. Eve Meltzer-Krief would be such an asset to the Suffolk Legislature! I don’t know anyone who does more to make sure all children are healthy and safe!

  2. I can’t think of a better candidate to represent the district! Dr. Meltzer-Krief has a long history of fighting for the community. Can’t wait to see what she does in the legislature!

  3. Dr Eve Meltzer-Krief is knowledgeable about the very issues facing the families of her district and has the courage to speak out and stand up to defend those issues that create struggles and ultimate pain. This district would be lucky to have her fight for them.

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