US Mortgage Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Steven A. Milner founded US Mortgage on Feb. 19, 1994,  with the belief that  “everyone deserves a roof over their head.”

US Mortgage is a nationally licensed direct mortgage lender that has served over 35,000 homeowners and passed over $15 billion in closings.

The company has over 200 employees across the nation, but also has local offices in Melville. US Mortgage is still owned and operated under Milner who says his mindset has not changed in the 25 years the company has been around.

“I live my life by principles I refer to as ‘Milnerism’s,’ they guide my decision making and have led to the success of US Mortgage Corporation. Those principles have turned into the core values of the company, including ‘seek longevity,’ which most definitely applies today,” he said. “I started in this business in 1982, and at my heart I am still a loan officer. I think in a lot of ways it’s because of that fact that the sales culture here is amazing and something I am deeply proud of. With our top-notch senior management team, I have no doubt that US Mortgage will be here at least another 25 years.”

Milner said that US Mortgage will continue to grow.

“US Mortgage is living proof that the American dream of home-ownership still underpins the foundation of this great economy,” he said. “I am proud to take us into the future of mortgage lending with a customer centric focus that is consistent with our core value of empowering others,” the CEO said.

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