MTA To Remove and Replace Pedestrian Bridge at Station

The Town of Huntington said Wednesday that the eastern pedestrian bridge at the LIRR station will be demolished by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority because of unsafe conditions.

In October, the town announced that the bridge connecting the north and south parking garages would be temporarily closed for further evaluation after an inspection found unsafe conditions. It will not reopen before the bridge is demolished, the town said. That bridge is the property of the MTA/LIRR. 

An MTA spokeswoman said that the agency is “working with the Town on easements for the process of which demolition will be a piece before replacing the bridge.” 

The Town said the MTA LIRR has advised it is proceeding with plans to demolish and reconstruct the pedestrian bridge later this year. The transportation agency has installed high-impact netting under the bridge to protect pedestrians, the platforms, and the tracks beneath it.

The Town’s Engineering Services Department has recommended expediting the demolition phase of the bridge replacement contract. 


Pedestrian Bridge Closed at LIRR Station After ‘Unsafe Conditions’ Found

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