New Business To Take Holistic Approach to Health

Two young Huntington residents are about to open a new business focusing on all aspects of health and wellness.
Tyler Brown and T.J.  Arella are behind 8Well, which will provide classes and assistance in eight areas of wellness: nutrition, mental health, financial health and strength training.
Brown, a 2008 graduate of Walt Whitman, said he played football at Johns Hopkins and majored in public health studies; his first job after college involved working on heath and benefits offered to employees. He later became a licensed securities adviser, having many conversations with individuals about their financial health, where he realized a lot of people don’t have financial security.
He is also a certified personal trainer.  “I  had a lot of conversations about financial wellness. People are unsure how to handle college debt, how to deal with credit cards and so on,” he said.
Financial stress was “affecting people’s health and wellness.”
Someone “financially unwell is taking on stress; people don’t know how to work out. The unbalance leads to distress and disease,” Brown said.
After he and Arella met, Brown said, they realized they shared an ideology about wellness, and decided to partner up. Arella, who graduated from John Glenn High School in Elwood, was an exercise science major in college.
Everyone “has the ability to optimize our well being. There’s a fit for everyone there. We are not focused on how hard can you work, or how much do you sweat,” Brown said.
The new business will also offer smoothies, coffees, and on-the-go snacks,  and are looking to partner with local nutrition experts to offer full packages.
Brown said, “Come as you are, because we want to focus on small groups to be able to give proper instruction; you won’t get lost in this place.”
8Well will open soon at 52 Wall St., Huntington.

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