New Recycling Schedule But Old Habits Die Hard

Some Huntington residents got with the new recycling schedule Wednesday; many did not.

The town’s multiple announcements that it had to switch back to dual-stream recycling, meaning plastics are picked up one week, paper products the next week, apparently didn’t register with everyone. A quick drive around a couple of neighborhoods Wednesday afternoon found several instances of papers stacked or boxed, some wrapped in plastic, outside on the day that was reserved for plastic pickup.

Town spokeswoman Lauren Lembo said that the environmental waste management office said about about 25 percent of people who put out recyclable materials Wednesday morning appeared to meet the right schedule.

“We have had a lot of re-send requests for the calendar and we just put in another order for recycling decals, which are depleted at Town Hall,” Lembo said. “Residents have been picking them up in our lobby, the Recycling Center at 641 New York Avenue and the public libraries, and we are restocking the libraries with the next shipment. Residents can request decals online at — go to the Trash & Recycling button and submit a ticket requesting recycling decals and they will be mailed when they are back in stock.”

HuntingtonNow is running a recycling schedule through February to help people get  on the right track.

“We do expect it to take some time to get everyone on the same page — the info on proper recycling habits and collection days are noted in the 2019 Trash Pickup and Recycling Calendar and we have a PSA running on our TV channels, website and social media for the past few weeks,” Lembo said. “The calendar was mailed out and delivered before December 17th. We also did a robocall, text and email blast on Monday.”

The town began single-stream, mixing plastics, paper and other recyclables, in 2014, but went back to separation as of this week because China has reduced the amount and mix of recyclable waste it will accept. That has led to the shutdown of some recycling operations on Long Island and elsewhere.



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