Newsday Continues Layoffs

Newsday is continuing a series of layoffs as the paper shifts its printing operations and prepares to move out of its headquarters on Pinelawn Road in Melville.

Workers in such categories as press operation, pre-press and distribution are seeing their jobs disappear. Some workers are eligible for similar jobs at The New York Times, which will continue to take on the printing of Newsday, amNewYork and other Newsday Media Group products.

Since February, Newsday has been notifying the New York State Department of Labor of its schedule of layoffs. The first six posted notices, required under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, list  about  300 positions lost. The firs cuts, under the notification, are expected to begin May 14. Some of the workers are full time, while others are part time. Similarly, some but not all are members of unions.

The New York State WARN act applies to private businesses with 50 or more full time workers in New York State. It covers:

  • Closings affecting 25 or more workers
  • Mass layoffs involving 25 or more full-time workers (if the 25 or more workers make up at least 33% of all the workers at the site)
  • Mass layoffs involving 250 or more full-time workers
  • Certain other relocations and covered reductions in work hours

This means that covered businesses must provide all employees with notice 90 days prior to a:

  • Plant closing
  • Mass layoff
  • Relocation
  • Other covered reduction in work hours




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