‘Newsies’ Delivers Satisfying Musical to Engeman Theater

Extra! Extra! Engeman Theater in Northport has a real headline grabber on stage this month.

“Newsies” the musical is now playing at the Engeman Theater in Northport. Photo courtesy Engeman Theater

There’s a balletic energy to “Newsies,” the musical that’s a historic nod to New York City politics and the newspaper business at the turn of the 20th century.

When street urchins turned paper hawkers are forced to pay more for the stacks of daily headlines they muck out a modest living on – by a ruthless Joseph Pulitzer – the young upstarts turn around and dish out street justice to the media mogul.

Long Island’s Teddy Roosevelt makes a cameo, too.

Strong performances, Broadway-quality dance numbers and catchy tunes turn the plot – a newspaper strike – into something wholly satisfying.

The show runs through Sept. 2.

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