Covanta Energy Plant Noise Expected to End by May 24

Noises at the East Northport Covanta plant that are described as sounding like ‘Niagara Falls-level waterfall activity’ should end by May 24, the Town of Huntington said Friday.

The Covanta “Solid Waste to Energy” Plant noise is discharged steam from three boilers bypassing the turbine generator. The plant is operating normally, the town said.

Thenoise level from the facility has increased because of the venting of steam directly to the air-cooled condenser as it bypasses the turbine generator. Noise levels are being monitored and are in compliance with local ordinances.

The turbine generator captures steam from the burning of solid waste and turns it into electricity, which is then sold back to the grid. For efficiency and preventative maintenance purposes, the turbine generator is overhauled approximately every eight years.

Questions or concerns may be directed to the Department of Environmental Waste Management at (631) 351-3186.

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