Northport Hoists Pride Flag in Celebration

Northport raised a Pride flag Thursday, kicking off a month of celebrations and support for the lgbtqia community.

Speaking at the flag raising at village hall, Mayor Donna Koch, Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth,  former mayor Henry Tobin, Huntington Town Councilwoman Joan Cergol and Joe Schramm, the  indefatigable organizer of the village’s first Pride festival on June 17, spoke of their commitment to making lgbtqia residents feel welcome in Northport and Huntington.

Schramm, who also serves as director of the town’s film and television office, described his own experiences of acknowledging his sexuality, saying he may have “thrown a punch” or two, before quickly joking with Chris Hughes, the Northport police chief, that none of those punches happened in the village.

Koch and Smyth spoke of the diversity in the town and village. “We’re very proud of our diverse community,” Smyth said.

Cergol said, “Northport has always been a gem in the crown of Huntington,” and noted, “the brilliance and resilience of the gay community, and its beauty of authenticity.”

Northport businesses supporting the Pride group are displaying signs in their windows.

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  1. To put the personal sexual preference and personal self identity awareness (anatomic manmade gender preference)anywhere NEAR the United States of America flag,is an INSULT.
    Why is it up? For ALL of us.No

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