Northport Police Blotter: Injured Deer, Dock Dispute

Recent reports from the Northport Village Police Department:


Sea Cove Road

Responded to  a report of a injured deer in the roadway. Upon arrival, officer located  the deer and the deer was euthanized due to severe injuries.


BURR AVENUE         


      Responded to above area for a reported group of youths running around the farm. Officers canvassed the  area to no avail.


              Officer responded to location regarding a report of a  dispute over a canine being on the dock. Officer  interviewed employee and it appeared situation was rectified as the canine is presented as a service  dog. No further action necessary.

LAUREL AVE         

 The above caller reports an animal outside her residence with  its head stuck in a soup can, unable to free itself.  Upon arrival, Sgt. Bakker was able to free the raccoon, no further action necessary.


               Responded to the above location for a report of dogs in a hot vehicle.  Upon arrival, stopped the above vehicle pulling out of the parking lot.  The owner stated that he is a dog trainer and that his vehicle was on with the air conditioning running while he was briefly inside a store.  Officer checked the inside of the vehicle which was very cool,  confirming the owner’s story. The dog appeared to be healthy  and spirited. The owner was admonished for leaving the vehicle running and unattended.

Responded to the above location to assist Suffolk Police with a violent male, with weapons, possibly on drugs, fighting with neighbors.  Upon arrival, located a subject fitting the broadcast description in the middle of Polk Avenue, west of Vernon Valley Road.He was detained until the arrival ofSCPD units.

Complainant into headquarters to report her ex husband locking her out of the house.  Complainant states her ex husband moved back into the house today and locked her out after a verbal dispute.  Officer contacted  subject who stated he had locked the door when he left for the night assuming the complainant had a key.  Subject agreed to respond to the residence to unlock it.  No offenses observed or alleged.


 Officer while on patrol did observe several subjects  lighting off fireworks on the school ball fields. Subjects did flee prior to my arrival. No further action possible.


               Officer while on patrol received a call  over channel 16  for a sailing vessel “restless wanderer” had lost power at  the mouth of the harbor. The vessel was towed to the town dock. No further action required.



Responded to the above location for a report of an adult female with a bug in her ear. Upon arrival the officer remove the bug from the subjects ear. The aided refused any further medical attention at this time.



Officer  while on patrol was advised by a village employee   of a found pair of keys. Investigation revealed keys were to  a motor vehicle parked on Highland avenue. Registered owner notified and keys returned. No further action necessary.


GILBERT ST           

 Responded to the above location to check on the welfare of a subject who left Huntington Hospital without being  discharged.  Upon arrival undersigned located said subject who stated she left because she was not receiving any assistance from the staff.  Subject not in need of any further medical treatment.  SCPD 201 notified of same.


MAIN STREET          

  Above property owner into headquarters responded to this department to report her air valve caps were switched on the above vehicle.  The swap occurred at an unknown date or time.

 The owner feels that the cap was switched by an unknown male, whom she had a verbal dispute with, in a parking lot, over  one year ago.  She stated that she was parked over night in view of the cameras at Northport Fire Department. This report is a continuation of a previous reported incident.


Responded to the incident location for a mutual aid report of   two males walking into the woods with rifles. Upon arrival, officer and SCPD unit 216 canvassed the woods to no  avail. SCPD was able to get the registered owner on the phone  who stated her son was in the woods with air soft rifles. The  registered owner was able to contact her son and have him exit the woods. Same was accomplished without incident.


While on patrol, undersigned received a pick up complaint of  a male subject possibly canvassing vehicles in the parking  lots of the Northport Fire Department Fair. Officer located the individual who stated he was looking for his girlfriend. Subject consented to a search and was found to have no contraband or obviously stolen property.

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