Northport Police Blotter: June 11-June 16

Reports from the Northport Village Police Department.

Laurel Avenue
Responded to the incident location for a report of a suspicious male in front of the school that walked away when approached by security. Upon arrival, the undersigned spoke with the listed subject who stated he could not hear security talking to him because of his headphones. No further action necessary.

Main Street
Defendant into headquarters to surrender himself on active Northport Village Justice Warrant # 33-2018. Defendant was
processed and released to the custody of the court.

Turnip Hill Road
Responded to the incident location for the activation of a Carbon Monoxide detector. Northport Fire responded and found
elevated level within the residence. Northport Fire ventilated the residence and found a problem with the water heater. No further police action taken.

Fort Salonga Road
Responded to the incident location for the report of a possible intoxicated driver in a red pickup. The undersigned
canvassed the area with negative results.

Fort Salonga Road

Responded to assist SCPD for a theft of a red pocketbook. Upon arrival units canvassed the area but were unable to find
the suspect. Call handled by SCPD Unit #216.

Main Street
Responded to the incident location for a report of an unknown male sending lewd video. Upon arrival, the undersigned spoke with the complainant who stated she received two facetime calls from an unknown male calling her cell phone. When she did not answer the first time, she got a second call and when she
answered the unknown male was performing a sex act. Thecomplainant then blocked the email address. The complainant
reported this for informational purposes only.

Fort Salonga Road
Responded to the incident location for a 911 hang up. Upon arrival, the undersigned spoke with the listed employee who stated she was dialing out from the pharmacy and accidentally dialed 911. No emergency found at this location.

Main Street

While on patrol undersigned was asked for advice about a customer who frequents the location. Complainant states that
an unknown older male with reading glasses enters the location to get his coffee every morning. She states that he spends a lot of time at the location and asks her a lot of
questions. The complainant was advised that this is a noncriminal matter however management and property owner can refuse service if the subject is creating a disturbance.

Mar Kan Drive
Responded to the incident location to keep the peace while removing property as per the court order. Same was
accomplished without incident.

Church Street
The anonymous finder located a West Babylon Library book on the corner of Church and Main St. The library was notified and the library contacted the lender to respond to this
department. Book placed in temporary evidence bin.

Scudder Place
Responded to the incident location for a neighbor dispute. Upon arrival the listed caller stated he was washing his truck while his neighbor was peaking his head through the fence watching him. The caller believes the listed subject is trying to antagonize him. The subject stated he was upset because of the diesel fumes coming from the truck that were going into his house. Both parties agreed to stay away from each other.

June 13
Mariners Lane
Responded to the listed location for a subject making noise going through the garbage. Upon arrival the undersigned officer located a female who stated she was collecting cans to recycle for money. The female stated she would try to be more quiet when collecting cans. No further police action necessary.

Bayview Avenue
Responded to the incident location for the report of a loud group of youths. Upon arrival, undersigned advised the youths
were asked to quiet down and go in the house to which they complied. No further action necessary.

Officers assisted the United States Marshals serve a warrant. Undersigned officers remained on scene
until the subject was in custody. Property owner contacted and notified of damage to front door.

Prospect Avenue
Responded to the above location to assist the landlord in making contact with a tenant. Upon arrival contact was made with the tenant and the landlord was satisfied. The landlord further reports that the tenant’s living conditions are unsatisfactory and he requested that the tenant make plans to vacate the premises. No further action necessary at this time.

Northport Village Police Blotter May 28-29

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