Northport Police: Marijuana, DWI Charges

Northport Village Police report the following recent arrests and incidents.

Justin Aviles, 25, of West Babylon was issued a field appearance ticket for unlawful possession of marijuana.

Casey Mallia, 27, of Huntington was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated.



Responded to a report of a male approaching the complainants front door. Upon arrival, it was determined that the garbage men were handing out Happy Holiday flyers. No further police action necessary.

Responded for a report of vehicle damage from rocks. Upon arrival, the undersigned spoke with the complainant who stated the landscapers were creating dust while working and dust from the landscapers got on to her vehicle. The undersigned observed no damage to the vehicle. The complainant was advised if she wanted compensation to get her car washed it would have to be a civil matter. No further
action necessary.

Responded to assist the subject off the floor. The undersigned assisted him off the floor and back into his chair. No further action necessary.

12/12/2018 T

Undersigned responded to location at the request of the Huntington Harbor Masters office. Officers from that department indicated that the vessel had broken from its
mooring and the vessel was secured at Scudder beach. Undersigned did leave a message at the registered owner’s home and cell and additionally the number provided by
Huntington Harbor Master. Northport Harbor master Graziano also advised by voicemail.

Responded to the incident location for a report of a fire within the store. Upon arrival, the fire was put out by the store staff.

Responded to the above location to investigate the activation of a carbon monoxide detector. Upon arrival with NFD, it was determined that the alarm was tripped due to a loss of electricity to the residence. No Carbon Monoxide was detected according to NFD, no further action at this time.

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