Northport Police: Warrant Arrests, DWI Charge

Northport Village Police reported the following arrests and incidents in the last week.

Scott Thomas, 57, of Huntington surrendered himself Jan. 14  on an arrest warrant for a charge of failure to appear.

Gavin Robinson, 54, of Freehold surrendered himself  Jan. 14 on a warrant for failure to appear.

Jeff Silentwalker, 24, of Northport was charged Jan. 19 with driving while intoxicated.




Jan. 15
Fort Salonga Road

Responded to the incident location for the report of a raccoon within a trap. Upon arrival, the undersigned officerlocated a raccoon in an illegal trap.  Officer released the raccoon. The raccoon appeared to be ill. The said raccoon was euthanized and disposed of appropriately. Case
referred to the Detective Division for follow-up

Horseshoe Drive 5

Officer responded to the incident location for the report of a female having a seizure. Upon arrival the officer gained access through an open window. The officer made contact with the subject and determined she was not in need of any medical or police assistance. Subject was left in the care of a relative.

Jan. 15
Woodbine Avenue

Responded to location for a report of an argumenton the phone with a client. Upon arrival the complaint stated she was negotiating the pricing on a contract when the man became irate. The subject stated “I know people”. Then went on to say who he knew. The complainant is not in fear and believes the client is just upset over the current contract, but requested a report for informational purposes.

Jan. 19
Franklin Street

Responded to the incident location for a report of a fight. Upon arrival it was determined that the listed employee works for PC Richards and was making a delivery. The employee and the homeowner both admit to having a physical altercation including the homeowner spitting on the employee. Allegedly the physical altercation was a result of the employee not being able to remove an old refrigerator from the homeowner’s garage. Both parties were given their legal options whether to pursue charges or not and both parties declined to file charges. The homeowner stated instead of having the employee arrested, he will make sure to “have his job.” Upon conclusion of speaking with both parties, the employee left the scene without incident. No further police action necessary.

Jan. 20

Earl Avenue

Complainant into Headquarters to report an issue with his T-Mobile cell phone account. Complainant states he observed on his cell phone monthly statement an amount which
he has been paying every month since July 2018. The fee is being charged for an iphone 8. The complainant states he doesn’t own an iphone 8 but this iphone 8 is assigned the
same phone number as his LG Q7. At this time it is unknown whether there is nefarious activity taking place or a technical issue within T-Mobile that they assigned another phone the same number as the complainant’s phone. The complainant states he will follow up with the T-Mobile fraud investigation unit during business hours tomorrow for clarification. Complainant filing this report for informational purposes only.

Jan. 20
Dolphin Lane
Responded for a report of a possible dispute. On arrival, the listed caller reports while in his bedroom he could hear his parents arguing and called 911. After hanging up the phone, the caller went downstairs and realized that his father was upset with his mother because she has been on the phone with work the entire day and he wanted her to get some rest. Upon further investigation, there was no domestic incident and officer was satisfied with parents recollection of said incident.

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