Northport Police: Dumpster, Dog Complaints

Recent reports from the Northport Village Police Department.

The First Presbyterian Church reported that someone is using the First Presbyterian Dumpster to dump private waste.The complainant requests extra vigilance from this agency. To this point, the waste is not large in size and has been taken away with no issues from the carting company. A suggestion was also made to the complainant to erect signage stating that the premises were being recorded.

Complainant responded to Headquarters to report that the subject after getting coffee stated ” if I don’t get to the dentist by 2 call the police.” Police telephone the dentist office and it appears that the subject did arrive at the dentist without apparent incident. No further police action necessary.

Responded to the above location for a report of fire alarm activation. Northport Fire responded and it was determined that alarm was activated by burnt food in the microwave.

Police responded to the above location for a report of domestic dispute. Upon arrival, caller states he was having a heated argument with his daughter. No criminality alleged.

Responded to location for a motor vehicle collision with possible injuries. Upon arrival undersigned assisted SCPD with traffic until sufficient units arrived. Call handled by SCPD.

The complainant reports that an unknown person came to her apartment knocking on her door. When she answered, the subject handed her court papers regarding a lawsuit. The complainant further states that she felt uncomfortable with the way the subject had served the paperwork to her. Her insurance provider advised her to file this report for informational purposes.


Police responded to the incident location for a report of a missing
car. Upon arrival it was determined that the complainant was at a local restaurant the day before and left his car in the lot since then. The complainant had no recollection of leaving his car there. Complainant and his wife transported to to retrieve their car.

Responded to the incident location for a report of a dog outside barking for hours. Upon interviewing the resident he became upset that his neighbor is always calling the cops on him. He stated his dog had only been barking for five minutes. The resident agreed to bring his dogs in for the night.

Police responded for a report of a male caller stating people are watching him. The officer canvassed the area but was unable to locate the subject.

Responded to a report of a loose dog on the property. On arrival, undersigned was unable to locate a loose dog. No further.

Responded to the above location for a report of a person living in the residence, which the landlord thought was vacated. Interviewed the landlord who stated that she sent her tenant, a letter requesting that he vacate the premises, about two months ago. She received no response but assumed that the tenant had vacated the
premises. On this date, she discovered that her tenant had sublet the residence to a tenant, as a roommate, however, he was out of town at the moment. The second tenant stated that he was totally unaware of this situation and agreed to work with the landlord, who was advised to respond to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office to file for eviction proceedings. No further action as the matter is civil in nature.

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