Northport’s Mayor-Elect Has Big Plans

Donna Koch, the former Northport village clerk elected mayor Tuesday night, outlined several issues Thursday that she plans to address in the coming months.

“We have to work together for the common good of the village,” she said. “We have a lot of issues to tackle.” She will succeed Mayor Damon McMullen.

Those issues include parking, sidewalks that are accessible for multiple users, including outdoor dining and those people with handicaps, to stormwater runoff mitigation and the dock.

“I want to get the village board back into a position of respect, respect for the Chamber of Commerce, respect for employees and respect for residents,” she said.

She defeated Dave Weber Jr., who remains on the village board, by a vote of 1,015 to 799.  Also elected Tuesday night were: Meghan Dolan and  Joseph Sabia to four-year terms, and Ernest Pucillo to a two-year term.  Mary Louise Biunno was re-elected village justice to a four-year term.

Results are unofficial.

Koch expects to make changes, including in the village attorney and village clerk jobs. “I just want to get in there and do a good job,” she said.

“I  had a lot of wonderful support,” she said. “People know me, and that I know a lot about government. I know practices and procedures, though I’m not going to say I know everything. But  I know what good government looks like.”

Koch previously served as village clerk for 20 years.

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