NY Democrats Denounce Abortion Decision Leaked at Supreme Court

Updated: New York Democrats denounced reports Monday that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Melanie D’Arrigo, who is running to succeed US Rep. Tom Suozzi in the Third Congressional District, said, “For decades, radical Republicans have been chomping at the bit to overturn Roe v. Wade and deny millions of Americans the right to an abortion. Backed by millions of dollars in dark money, they’ve successfully hijacked the courts—and tonight’s news is the heinous result.

“Make no mistake: if this draft opinion becomes the law of the land, there will be a reckoning at the polls. This is a five-alarm fire, and it’s undisputed proof that we need to elect better Democrats, not just more Democrats. It calls on us to fight like we’ve never fought before, organizing people across the country in demanding the justice we deserve—from codifying Roe to expanding the Supreme Court.”

She plans a rally Tuesday at Nassau County Courthouse to support abortion rights.

Gov. Kathy Hochul said, “We have been fighting this battle for too long. I refuse to go backwards. I refuse to let my new granddaughter have to fight for the rights generations have fought for and won, rights that she should be guaranteed.

“For anyone who needs access to care, our state will welcome you with open arms. New York will always be a place where abortion rights are protected and where abortion is safe and accessible. Just as the Statue of Liberty lifts her lamp tall in our harbor, New York will never stop fighting for what’s right — unafraid and undeterred.”

Josh Lafazan, a Nassau County legislator who is also running in the Third, said, “The Supreme Court’s apparent decision to strike down the reproductive protections enshrined in law since 1973 is equal parts wrong, outrageous, and downright maddening. To see the Supreme Court stray miles away from its Constitutional duties to serve as a check on the Legislature and morph into a political grand jury is a sad day for this Republic.

“Make no mistake about it: the rights of millions of women in this country are being taken away by a mere few individuals.

“Tonight we are outraged. Tomorrow, we fight to codify Roe at the Federal level, and in Congress I will not rest until we get it done.”

State Attorney General Letitia James will join a rally in support of abortions rights Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Foley Square in Manhattan.

Robert Zimmerman, also running in the Third, tweeted, “Abortion is a constitutional right. Women will die because of this violent decision by the right-wing extremist Supreme Court. It is time to take action and fight back. We must codify into law the right to safe and legal abortion. There can be no compromise.”

Several other candidates, including Suozzi, who is running for governor, who is also running for the Third, did not respond to questions about their views on the possible decision on abortion rights, which have been a constitutional right since 1973.

On the Republican side, George Santos, who is also running for the Third, said, “At this time we have no comment.”


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