Officials React to Trump’s Conviction in Hush Money Trial

Reactions to the conviction Thursday of former president Donald Trump were predictably split along party lines.

Here are some of responses of elected leaders:

US Rep. Nick LaLota, R-Amityville, who represents Huntington. 

“The best way to unwind Alvin Bragg’s political prosecution and today’s conviction is for Governor Hochul to immediately announce her intention to pardon President Trump and pre-emptively commute any sentence. To not do so is to allow America to become a banana republic. President Trump’s fate, and the 2024 presidential election, should be decided by voters, not overzealous politically motivated prosecutors and an imbalanced jury.”

Nancy Goroff, Democrat running against LaLota. “Shame on you, Nick LaLota! Trump was convicted on all charges by a jury of his peers, in accordance with our justice system. Your statement shows once again that you are unfit for public office.”

Walter J. Mejia, NY Republican Latinos.  “I and millions of other immigrants came to this nation to escape the political corruption in our Latin American countries. The United States of America is officially no different than Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. This court decision set an example for future political candidates — no one is safe. If they went after President Trump, the most powerful man in modern-day American politics, they will also go after you. No one is safe.”

John Avlon, Democratic candidate running against LaLota. “Nick LaLota endorsed and is supporting a convicted criminal for President who paid hush money to a porn star to cover up their affair while his wife was pregnant. That’s not the ‘law and order’ Washington Republicans like Nick LaLota like to talk and Tweet about. It’s the opposite of character and family values. It’s hypocritical hyper partisan politics. Suffolk County deserves a congressman who doesn’t check their conscience and common sense at the door when a member of their party is convicted of a crime. That’s equal justice under law.”

Jesse Garcia, chairman of the Suffolk County Republican Party. “Today the liberal left has made it clear that they are desperate to manipulate this election by exploiting and weaponizing the criminal justice system to help their failed President Joe Biden … Democrats are going to immediately see that this courtroom charade will galvanize support at the polls this year.”

Rich Schaffer, Suffolk County Democratic chairman: “Today, justice was served. No one is above the law. Donald Trump is a convicted felon.”

Gov. Kathy Hochul.Today’s verdict reaffirms that no one is above the law. In preparation for a verdict in this trial, I directed my Administration to closely coordinate with local and federal law enforcement and we continue to monitor the situation. We are committed to protecting the safety of all New Yorkers and the integrity of our judicial system.”

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