Op-Ed: Volunteering at the Polls Was a Proud Moment

This was my first experience working the polls. I decided months ago to sign up and get trained. The motivation to do so was two-fold. I recognized that there would be a need, given that the majority of people who work the polls are often senior citizens who are more at risk of contracting the Corona virus.

Secondly, I felt the need and desire to be an active part of this election cycle. I’m a big believer in the idea that a democracy requires the active participation of its people.

The experience was one of the proudest of my life. Without fail, the poll workers were dedicated, respectful and handled the poll work with the gravity and care it deserves. Despite the intense partisan divide in our country, every person working the polls that day left the partisan drama at the
door and came together as Americans. It was truly a uniquely American experience.

Jen Hebert is a teacher and former president of the Board of Education in the Huntington Union Free School District.



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