Opponents Speak Out Against Dix Hills Townhome Plan


UPDATED: Several residents opposed to a proposal to build 180 luxury townhomes for seniors in Dix Hills spoke out at a recent Huntington Town Board meeting..

Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills would require changing from one-acre single-family zoning to garden apartment special district. The development has been proposed on Deer Park Avenue, on lots from Park Shore Day Camp as well as the now-closed Site One Landscape Supply, and Island Gro Construction.

Opponents say they object to dense development and complain that it would turn the neighborhood into something resembling Queens.

The development would have 35 buildings on 24 acres; homes would be priced between $900,000 and $1.2 million. The developer says that it estimates that between 140 and 280 people will live there when the units are fully occupied.

A petition in opposition says the project proposes that “new multifamily buildings to be constructed 25 feet from the property lines of the houses on Daniel Lane, Durham Drive, Beatrice Court, and Cascade Court, and 14 feet from the property lines of the houses on Darius Court.  The density of the proposed development on the property is such that the new multifamily buildings will only be separated from each other by a distance of 10 feet.”

NOTE: This story originally incorrectly said a hearing had been scheduled for June 13.


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