Optimum to Offer Credit to Some for Loss of Service in Storm

Optimum said Tuesday that it would provide credits to some people who lost service in Tropical Storm  Isaias.

But it wasn’t immediately clear who or how many would receive the credit.

“We also know that some customers continued to experience a loss of their Optimum services even after their power was restored,” the company said in an email and on its website. “This could happen for a number of reasons, including damage to our network that could only be addressed following the power company making repairs or our network being powered from a different source than your home or business. We know how frustrating that can be, and for those customers we will be providing a credit to an upcoming bill for the time that Optimum services were not available after power was restored.”

They did not immediately respond to a question for clarification.

The Aug.4 storm blasted across Long Island, taking down hundreds of trees and wires. Many complained that even after their electric service was restored, phone and Optimum service remained out, sometimes for days.

“These disruptions were largely due to power outages caused by strong winds and downed trees that took down power and utility lines and left behind a significant amount of debris. Hundreds of Optimum field teams have been working around the clock to repair damage and restore service following the return of power. As of today, more than 99% of Optimum customers have had their services fully restored,” the company said.

Customers do not have to request a credit. Optimum said it will automatically be applied to accounts in the next several weeks.

 For more information, visit Optimum’s  Storm Preparedness page.

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