Pair to Open Cocktail Bar With Peruvian Flair

Two local businessmen are planning to bring craft cocktails and the taste of Peru to Huntington Village when they open The Last Word.

Matt Sanchez and Jeff Alvarado will open their cocktail bar at 13 Wall St., Huntington, which was previously occupied by Almarco restaurant. They have spent considerable time and energy in recent months, preparing the property for the new theme and cuisine.

While the pair will emphasize their lineup of distinctive drinks, The Last Word will offer a full-service restaurant serving tapas and other foods. Peruvian cuisine, which often features seafood dishes, is also known for its blend of indigenous foods and spices, often with Chinese and Japanese flavors influencing Latin fare.

 “Peruvian is the up and coming food,” Alvarado said. “We’re trying to take what I grew up eating and building up and bringing it into town.”

Sanchez said the two will bring their experience from their days bartending together at restaurant Prime and elsewhere around the region to their own place and unique menus.

“We are trying to elevate the drinks, add a little flair,” Sanchez said. “There are a lot of Peruvian places around and we wanted to do something different.”

They plan to provide a list of cocktail suggestions to match the foods patrons  choose to make the most informed decisions for their dining experience.

“We hope to have the most thoughtful cocktail list,” Alvarado said.

They are aiming to be open in mid-June, with about 80 seats inside the restaurant, and plan to offer outdoor seating as well.


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