Parents Appeal for Changes in State Law for Help Renovating Home for Disabled Daughter

A Huntington Station family is asking state legislators for changes in state insurance laws to make it easier to renovate their home for their disabled daughter.

Huntington Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci, Babylon Town Supervisor Richard Schaffer, members of the Long Island Home Builders Care Inc. and others crowded into the driveway of Anthony and Erica Scoma Thursday to appeal for an end to an insurance requirement on nonprofit organizations that rehabilitate homes. The law now requires employees, covered by insurance by their own companies, to also be covered by more policies when working as volunteers on the projects. 

The Scomas’ daughter, Aliah, 10, was born with congenital heart disease and a chromosomal disease that has resulted in developmental delays and cerebral palsy on her right side. 

Long Island Home Builders Care Inc. wants to donate services to make it easier for Aliah to get around in her home by wheelchair but cannot because of the insurance mandate.

New York is the last state with the the requirements, known as the Scaffold Law, according to the builders’ organization.

Huntington Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer joined in the call to change the law.

“To me, this makes the most sense,” Schaffer said. “You have a group of people who want to donate their time and resources to help others and all it requires is an exception from a law that should not even apply to them. This should be a no-brainer.”

“I am proud to stand with Supervisor Schaffer to call upon our state representatives in eliminating any impediments to donating these essential services to families in need so that Long Island Home Builders Care Inc. and other charitable organizations can afford to make a difference in these families’ lives,” Lupinacci said.

The goal is to exempt charities that have no payroll and don’t charge for material or labor from the regulation when assisting families.

The Scomas hope that in addition to wheelchair ramps, renovations will be made to accommodate physical therapy and other needs.


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