Parking Lot Work to Affect Some HART Service, Center Access

Work on the parking lot at the John J. Flanagan ceneter will affect HART H20 buses and other services starting Thursday.

The work includes:

  • Expanding the existing parking field by 167 spaces (99, exist / 266 proposed) 
  • Providing ADA-accessible parking and pedestrian routes to the building 
  • Constructing an exterior area of refuge for Senior Center patrons 
  • Installing drainage, lighting, and landscaping. The construction project will take place in two phases and is estimated to take approximately six months to complete.

The town said Wednesday that the first phase of the  reconstruction of the parking lot  will have these impacts:

  • Access to the Flanagan Center will be limited to the Park Avenue entrance.  
  • Access to Jackson Avenue from the Flanagan Center parking lot will be closed; the parking lot shortcut to the Huntington YMCA will be closed (access to the Huntington YMCA via Jackson Avenue will not be impacted).
  • The one-way driveway to the south of the building (near the Cinema Arts Centre, leading to the Adult Day Care entrance) will become a two-way driveway.
  • IMPACTS TO HART BUS SERVICE Starting Thursday:  HART’s H20 bus will not enter the Flanagan Center property. HART Bus H20 Fixed Route Service will temporarily change as follows:
  • Southbound H20 drop off/pick up will take place at the north west corner of Park Avenue and the Senior Center driveway.
  • Northbound H20 drop off/pick up will take place at the south west corner of Park Avenue and S. Woodhull Road (one block south of the Senior Center driveway).Residents with questions regarding HART Bus service may call (631) 427-8287.
  • Starting Thursday,  residents attending Senior Center activities in the gymnasium of the Flanagan Center building must enter the building through the south side entrance of the building, accessible via the temporary two-way driveway. 
    • Starting the week of Monday,  the Senior Center Nutrition Program will be affected as follows:
    • The drive-through meal pick up line will be shortened but there will be no other changes to the drive-through meal pickup; you will continue to enter the parking lot using the Park Avenue entrance to the driveway.
    • Home delivered meals will be unaffected by the construction project.

    The town said that regular users of the Senior Center’s Nutrition Program were notified of changes with meal delivery and pickup on Tuesday, January 18.Residents with questions regarding Senior Center programs may call (631) 351-3253.



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