‘Pay to Get Out’ All-Night Horror Marathon at Cinema Arts

Cinema Arts Centre is hosting its “Pay to Get Out” marathon of eight horror and science fiction movies the first weekend of August.

Those who last the entire night of the 35 mm film marathon are eligible for $10 back and a free breakfast.

The cafe will be open all night, serving beer, wine, snacks and food.  No backpacks allowed but pillow and blankets are welcome, and dressing up is encouraged.

The Lineup


US | 88 mins | Dir. Stephen Chiodo | 35mm

A spaceship – looking like a circus tent – lands in a field near a small town, signaling the attack of deviant, red-nosed, balloon-twisting psychos from another world who plan to annihilate mankind – by turning people into cotton candy! Luckily, the town’s teen citizenry decide to fight back and teach the cosmic bozos a lesson. But these clowns are no klutzes, turning popcorn, peanuts and caramel corn into playful – but deadly – weapons of madcap destruction and mayhem!



US | 83 mins | Tobe Hooper | 35mm

On what seemed like a perfect day in August, 1973, five teenagers went for a drive. They were headed for a nightmare. In a ghoulish house, littered with remains of dead animals, waited a family of maniacal killers. They would emerge, adorned with bones, skulls and animal skins, to turn the peaceful Texas countryside into a human slaughterhouse.


John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE (1988)

US | 94 mins | Dir. John Carpenter | 35mm

Horror master John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) directs this action-packed sci-fi thriller about one man’s battle against aliens who are systematically gaining control of the earth. Rowdy Roddy Piper stars as the loner who stumbles upon a terrifying discovery: ghoulish creatures are masquerading as humans while they lull the public into submission through subliminal advertising messages. Only specially made sunglasses make the deadly truth visible.



US | 107 mins | Dir. Rob Zombie | 35mm

Ambushed at their homestead by Sheriff Wydell and a squad of armed men, the Firefly family awakens with guns blazing – yet only Otis and his sister, Baby, manage to escape unharmed. Taking refuge and hostages in a back-road motel, the wanted siblings rendezvous with their derange partner in crime, Captain Spaulding, killing whoever happens to stand in their way. But as the body count mounts higher, Sheriff Wydell decides to “cross the line” and take law into his own hands, paving the way for one of the most depraved and terrifying showdowns in cinematic history.


XTRO (1982)

UK | 82 mins | Dir. Harry Bromley Davenport | 35mm

Sam Phillips, an ordinary family man, disappears from home one night without a trace. Only his young son, Tony, witnesses the strange and terrifying departure amidst brilliant white lights. Rachel, Sam’s young wife, struggles to restore their once tranquil life, but her efforts are plagued by Tony’s recurring nightmares about his father’s mysterious disappearance. Lately, Tony has been dreaming something else – that his father has come home.



Canada | 84 mins | Dir. Jeff Gillen and Alan Ormsby | 35mm

Ezra’s good at making friends… into home furnishings. Based on the same terrifying true story that inspired Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs, this hauntingly scary film chronicles the grisly exploits of a rural necrophilliac and murderer! Brace yourself for a “solid horror story” (Variety) that’s guaranteed to make you bite your nails… because if you don’t, Ezra will.



US | 84 mins | Dir. William Sachs | 35mm

When Steven West returns from Saturn, he brings a horrifying disease with him… a disease that melts his flesh! While Dr. Ted Nelson and the hospital staff are baffled by this mysterious illness, West secretly leaves the hospital and disappears. Soon after, the community is besieged by a series of violent deaths… and all of the victims are missing limbs! Just as Nelson suspects, West must feed on human flesh to save his own. With the help of General Perry, Nelson sets out to stop the crazed cannibal before he brutally devours more innocent victims. Suspense, horror, and incredible special effects make this gory tale truly unforgettable.



Program Event Fees: Online pre-sales $45 | Day-of at the box office $50 |

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