Pediatrician Offers Ways to Cope With Shortfall in Some Children’s Medicines

If you’ve reached for certain children’s medicines at your drugstore lately and discovered the shelf is empty, you’re not the only one.

With a surge in cases of flu, RSV and Covid-19, some parents and pharmacies nationwide are reporting a shortage of over-the-counter medicines, such as children’s Tylenol.

And pediatricians are hearing from parents about the shortfall in supplies.

“As recently as today, I have patients saying they can’t find some medications, that certain pharmacies have a shortage of things like Tylenol or Motrin,” said Huntington pediatrician Dr. Sara Siddiqui of the NYU Langone Huntington Medical Group on Tuesday. “What I tell them is that there seems to be a slight issue but we tell patients to look around other stores, or get generic versions and that the some of the store brands are perfectly good.” reported that shortages nationwide could last into spring, and are affecting four medicines in parts of the country: Tylenol, amoxicillin, Tamiflu, and albuterol.

“There’s definitely an increase in flu and RSV,” Siddiqui said. “Sometimes with flu you can have a pretty high fever, so we give kids a fever reducer.”
“We’re seeing some Covid, and getting calls about it. A lot of people have access to the tests, so there’s a slight increase. The flu is definitely” on the rise, with more coughing and fevers lasting five to seven days, she said.
She has suggestions beyond drugs for treating and preventing the spread of illnesses.
“The best way toget through it is stay home if sick, cough into your rm, increase luids and get enough sleep,” she said. “And of course, we encourage you to get vaccines.”

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