Pet of the Week: Friendly Tabby Seeks Forever Family  

October 29th is National Cat Day. There are many ways to celebrate, including supporting the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter, which has all-American animals, such as…


Domestic Shorthair, Male

Everybody loves orange cats, and, as you can see, this orange guy loves everybody. He gets along with felines of all colors, and with humans, too. He is easy, and, because he is already neutered and house-trained, adopting him should also be a breeze.

In summer, he may join you on your patio or deck, soaking up the sunshine that is as bright as his coat. In winter, when he is not at the window, catching some rays, he will keep you warm, cuddling on the couch.

Still young, he likes to play; be sure his toy chest is full. And don’t forget treats: You will want to give him plenty of those, as well; he is that sweet.

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