Petition Seeks Support for Former Harborfields Security Guard

A petition has been started at to help a former security guard at the Harborfields school district after an incident involving a vehicle that followed a bus onto school property last week.

But what happened to the guard is unclear.

The Justice for Howie petition, says that that the district fired guard Howard Lyons and linked it to the vehicle incident,.

“Howie was forced to resign due to an incident at the elementary school. He asked Dr. Ianni to lock down after a man chased a bus because a student threw an apple at the mans car,”  according to the petition.

In a letter, the district says that considerable incorrect information is going on around on social media but that the district unable to discuss personnel matters. 

“It has come to our attention that there is inaccurate information being circulated regarding an incident that is alleged to have occurred on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. At no time was it determined that any students or staff were at risk prompting the district to notify the community of an incident,” the Harborfields superintendent, Dr. Francesco Ianni, wrote. 

On the morning of September 15th, it is alleged that a student at one of our schools threw an object
out of the window of a moving bus hitting a car. Our investigation shows that the driver of that
vehicle followed the bus onto school grounds to report the incident to the bus driver, but was
intercepted by security and brought to speak with the building principal outside of the school
building. The principal reports that the driver was calm and posed no risk to students or staff at
any time and did not result in a building lockdown being initiated. After making the report to the
principal, the driver left school property. The district will not comment on any matter involving
students other than to report that the family of the student was contacted consistent with our
protocols for any incident involving students. In addition, the district does not comment on
personnel matters.
We take our responsibility seriously to clearly communicate with our school community, and we
work to keep our families informed of incidents of general concern. The safety and security of our
students and staff is our top priority.” Ianni’s letter said.

Lyons and the creator of the petition could not be reached.

As of 2:50 p.m., 2,702 people had signed the petition, which asks for 5,000 signatures.


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