‘Pickles’ the Cat Missing From Gardiner Farm

Pickles, a six-toed cat, is missing from his home at John Gardiner Farm on Park Avenue.

Tony, who helped take care of the cat, said he disappeared on New Year’s Eve. “He’d be outside and we would pull in, toot the horn, and he’d come to us and we’d put him away for the night,” Tony said. “But that day, he was just gone.”

Pickles is a neutered black male cat with extra toes. He has little tufts of white fur under his chin. He is a polydactyl, or Hemingway cat, meaning he has extra toes.

Tony said he’d been searching the area near the farm but with no luck.

“He’s very friendly,” Tony said.

The original Gardiner farmhouse was built in the 170s, and is on┬áNational Register of Historic Places. It was once part of the area’s thriving pickle trade.

If Pickles is found, call 516 847-7283.



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